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Bid Opportunities


Notice to Those Interested in Current Solicitations: A company should monitor this website on a daily basis, as the website is updated as solicitations are opened. All solicitations are publicly advertised on this website.


Disclaimer: Additional information may be issued for this solicitation. It is your responsibility to monitor this website for any additional information, revisions, or addenda that may be posted.


Disclaimer for Fillable Forms: Any alterations to the form(s), i.e. wording, quantity, etc., that are different from the original or latest revised Bid Form, will be grounds for the rejection of your bid.


Special Note: Procurement Solicitations
Many of these files are very large and will take longer to download.

In addition, to download Procurement Solicitations you will need to input your company's information on a form before you can download the solicitation materials. This information will be kept confidential according to all procurement regulations.


Solicitation: Files:

RFQ No. 4826-14W

Professional Engineering Services for Solid Waste Projects



The Notice of Rejection of Qualifications dated March 5, 2014 is rescinded. Qualifications submitted as of January 31, 2014 will be considered for review.


RFP No. 4827-14V

Inmate Telephone Services


IFB No. 4833-14V

Records Center Shelving Replacement

RFP No. 4837-14V

Auditing Services for Charleston County Financial Statements


IFB No. 4838-14R

Macadam Base Stone

IFB No. 4839-14C

Osceola Ave. Drainage Improvement TST


IFB No. 4844-14C

Ashley Point Drive Sidewalk Project TST

IFB No. 4853-14J

The Purchase of Seventeen (17) 20 Cubic Yard Open Top Tub Style Roll Off Containers, and Seven (7) 40 Cubic Yard Open Top Tub Style Roll Off Containers

IFB No. 4858-14C

Maxville Road Extension (CTC)




Contracts Awarded

Solicitation: Vendor: Date Posted:
IFB No. 4836-14C; Arman Road Improvements TST Truluck Construction Company 4/9/2014
IFB No. 4835-14C; Glifton Avenue Roadway Improvements TST Allston Farrell, LLC 4/9/2014
IFB No. 4838-14R; Macadam Base Stone Welborn Trucking 4/8/2014
IFB No. 4828-14C; Arlington Drive Sidewalk Project C.B.D., Inc. 3/31/2014
RFQt No. 4842-14J; Installation of Residential Wells  Pinckney Well Drilling Company 3/31/2014
RFQt No. 4841-14J; Installation of Residential Septic Systems Randolph Septic 3/31/2014
IFB No. 4831-14R; Purchase of Uniforms for Charleston County EMS Personnel Uniforms by John, Inc. 3/18/2014
RFP No. 4829-14R; Posting Delinquent Tax Properties Palmetto Posting, Inc. 3/13/2014
IFB No. 4825-14R; Drug Testing for Charleston County Lowcountry Drug Screening 2/25/2014
RFQ No. 4801-14V; Open-Ended Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection Design, and Construction Services RMF Engineering, Inc, and CEMS Engineering, Inc. 2/18/2014
IFB No. 4822-14C; Folly Road and Camp Road Intersection Improvements TST Rejection of Solicitation 1/5/2014
RFQt No. 4820-14C; West Mason Street Rocking Project Moats Construction, LLC 1/22/2014
IFB No. 4804-14C; Dogwood Road Sidewalk (CTC) Landscape Pavers, LLC 1/7/2014
IFB No. 4806-14C; Hwy 61 Sidewalk Phase I AOS Specialty Contractors, Inc. 1/7/2014
IFB No. 4808-14C; Monterey Street Drainage Improvements Celek & Celek Construction 1/7/2014
IFB No. 4815-14C; Angel Oak Elementary Drainage (CTC) IPW Construction Group, LLC. 1/7/2014
IFB No. 4814-14C; Edgar Tumbleston & Buist Hanahan Roadway Improvements (TST) Allston Farrell, LLC 12/11/2103
RFP No. 4813-14R; Inventory Management Software for EMS EMS Technology Solutions, LLC 12/16/2013
RFP No. 4823-14J; Provide Painting and Body Repair Services for Automotive, Truck, Ambulance, Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Owned by Charleston County Award of Solicitation 12/13/2013
IFB No. 4778-13C; Ben Sawyer Causeway Multi-Use Path Improvement L&L Contractors, Inc. 11/20/2013
IFB No. 4807-14C: CTC 2013 Resurfacing  Plan Sanders Brothers Construction 11/20/2013
RFP No. 4790-14V; Healthcare-Benefits Consultants Gallagher Benefit Services 11/21/2013
IFB NO. 4799-14C; Isle of Palms Connector Banks Construction Company 11/14/2013
IFB No. 4805-14J; Provide Painting and Body Repair Services for Automotive, Truck, Ambulance, Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Owned by Charleston County Rejection of Solicitation 10/30/2013
IFB No. 4800-14V; Joseph White Road Paving Rejection of Solicitation 10/29/2013
IFB No. 4760-13C; Folly Road and Camp Road Intersection Improvements TST Rejection of Solicitation 10/22/2013
IFB No. 4802-14C; Angel Oak Elementary Drainage Project CTC Rejection of Solicitation 10/4/2013
IFB No. 4798-14C; Hampton Park Pedestrian Improvement TST AOS Specialty Contractors, Inc. 10/1/2013
RFP No. 4785-13J; Welding and Metal Fabrication Services for Heavy Equipment, Truck Bodies and Miscellaneous Items Owned by Charleston County CC Fabricators, Inc., Williamson Welding and Amee Bay, LLC 9/25/2013
IFB No. 4791-14C; Caw Lane Improvements Celek and Celek Construction, Inc. 09/19/2013
RFP No. 4786-13J; Provide Painting and Body Repair Services for Automotive, truck, Ambulance, Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Owned by Charleston County Rejection of Solicitation 9/16/2013
IFB No. 4793-14C; Main Road Widening Rejection of Solicitation 9/10/2013
IFB No. 4783-13J; Purchase of a Grapple Loader Rejection of Solicitation 8/29/2013
IFB No. 4770-14C; Stiles Point Elementary School Sidewalk Celek and Celek Construction, Inc. 08/28/2013
IFB No. 4773-13C; Botany Bay Road Improvements Truluck Construction 08/28/2013
RFQ No. 4749-13C; Provide professional Design/Consultant Engineering Services for the Transportation Sales Tax Annual Allocation Program            Stantec, Florence & Hutcheson, Baker (LPA), Thomas and Hutton, Vaughn and Melton 8/26/2013
IFB No. 4796-14R; Pharmaceutical Supplies and Related services for the Charleston County Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services Omnicare of Charleston 8/20/2013
RFQ No. 4723-13C; Professional Engineering Services for Pavement Condition Surveying for Charleston County S&ME, Inc. 6/14/2013
IFB No. 4784-13J; Purchase of Oversized Crushed Concrete Delivered to Bees Ferry Landfill Murray Sand Company, Inc. 6/28/2013
IFB No. 4769-13C; Hwy 171 Sidewalks - Phase 1 L&L Contracting, Inc. 6/19/2013
IFB No. 4764-13C; Station 25 Street CIPP Installation and Paving B&C Utilities, Inc. 6/19/2013
IFB No. 4767-13C; Wappoo Road Storm Drain and Sidewalk Replacement Green Wave Contracting, Inc. 6/19/2013
IFB No. 4735-13C; I-526 Westbound Exit Ramp to International Boulevard and Additional Right Turn Lane Truluck Construction Company 6/10/2013
RFQt No. 4763-13J; Installation and Replacement of Safety Glass in Automotive and Truck Applications in the Charleston County Vehicles Glass Pro Incorporated 6/21/2013
IFB No. 4757-13V; Elevator Maintenance for Charleston County American Elevator Company 6/17/2013
IFB No. 4747-13J; Purchase of a Low Ground Pressure (LGP) Track-Type Dozer Flint Equipment Company 5/28/2013
IFB No. 4762-13J: Purchase of a Landfill Track-Type Dozer Blanchard-Cat 5/28/2013

RFP No. 4520-12K

Station Alerting

Purvis Systems, Inc. 5/21/2013

RFP No. 4724-13D

Lease and Maintenance of Copiers

Ricoh 5/21/2013

RFQ No. 4742-13V

Open End Engineering Services for Road Design and Related Services

Cancellation Notice 5/10/2013
IFB No. 4759-13R; Purchase and Installation of Eight (*) Air Handlers for the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center Notice of Rejection of Bids 5/20/2013
IFB No. 4702-13J; Solid Waste Curbside Collection Services for the Unincorporated Areas of Charleston County Waste Pro of South Carolina, Inc. 5/16/2013
IFB No. 4761-13C; Park West Multi-use Path Improvements Landscape Pavers, LLC 5/14/2013
IFB No. 4752-13C; Bolton Road Improvements Island Construction Company 5/9/2013
RFP No. 4750-13R; Food (Catering) Service for Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS) Lacofano Group, LLC 5/8/2013
RFP No. 4720-13V; Food Services at the Detention Center Trinity Services Group, Inc. 5/8/2013

IFB No. 4746-13R

Purchase and Installation of Four (4) Air Handler Units at Department of Social Services


Notice of Cancellation of Bids



IFB No. 4751-13C

Station 25 Street CIPP Installation and Paving

Notice of Rejection of Bids 4/9/2013

IFB No. 4730-13V

Charleston County Law Enforcement Center

Palmetto Construction Group, LLC 3/29/2013

IFB No. 4729-13C

N. Rhett Ave. at Remount Road Signal Modifications

Walker Brothers, Inc. 3/14/2013

RFQt No. 4744-13J

Installation of Residential Wells

Notice of Rejection of Bids 3/5/2013

IFB No. 4725-13C

Blackground Road Improvements

Truluck Construction Company 2/7/2013

IFB No. 4726-13C

Butterfly Lane and Leonard Stoney Road Local Paving

Allston Farrell Construction 2/7/2013

IFB No. 4727-13C

White Road Improvements

Island Construction Company 2/7/2013

IFB No. 4733-13C

International Improvements & Signal Design for Glen McConnell Parkway at Bairds Cove

Truluck Construction Company 2/7/2013

IFB No. 4722-13D

Provide Containerized Waste Removal & Disposal for Designated Charleston County Facilities

Carolina Waste & Recycling 2/5/2013

IFB No. 4708-13D

Purchase and Installation of Air Handler Units at the Department of Social Services

Notice of Rejection of Bids 1/13/2013
RFQt 4695-13K; Installation of Residential Septics Randolph Septic and Knight's Septic 12/3/2012
RFP No. 4655-12K; Safety Concept Ambulance Design Build Notice of Rejection of Bids 11/27/2012

1.        IFB No. 4654-12K; Purchase of Six Ambulances

Taylor Made Ambulances (Newport, Arkansas) 11/26/2012
IFB No. 4704-13V; Purchase of One (1) 18 Yard Rear Loader Notice of Rejection of Bids 11/7/2012
IFB No. 4668-12W; Judge Road and Joseph White Road Pervious Pavement Project Notice of Rejection of Bids 11/1/2012
RFP No. 4672-13W; New Parking Control System Notice of Rejection of Proposals 10/28/2012
RFQ No. 4691-13C; On Call Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE&I) Short Listed:

1. Coleman-Snow Consultants, LLC

2. HDR Construction Control Corporation

3. Davis & Floyd, Inc.

IFB No. 4712-13C; Otranto Road and Rivers Ave. Sidewalk Project AOS Specialty Contractors, Inc., Lexington, SC 29073 10/28/2012
IFB No. 4690-13W; Turnkey Project to Perform the "Changeout" of a 17.5 Ton Roof Top HVAC Unit at the Senior Citizens Building Manual J. Heating & Cooling Services, LLC, Summerville, SC 10/12/2012
IFB No. 4692-13C; Otranto Road and Rivers Avenue Sidewalk Projects Notice of Rejection of Bids 9/28/2012
RFP No. 4641-12W; Standby Contract for Initial 70 Hour Road Clearing and Removal & Disposal of Debris Generated by a Disaster Short Listed:

1. Ashbritt, Inc.

2. CrowderGulf

3. DRC Emergency Services, LLC

4. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc.

RFP No. 4645-12W; New Console Furniture for Consolidated 911 Center Evans Consoles Inc.,       Vienna, VR 9/25/2012
IFB No. 4675-12W; Carpet Replacement at Charleston County Main Library Tidewater Interiors, North Charleston, SC 9/25/2012
IFB No. 4679-13W, Water Treatment Services for HVAC Systems The Metro Group, Inc., Columbia, SC 9/24/2012
IFB No. 4686-13C; Intersection Improvement & Signal Design for Glenn McConnell Parkway at Braids Cove Notice of Rejection of Bids 9/24/2012
IFB No. 4660-12W: Custodial Services for Main Library and Banov Health Complete Cleaning Services, LLC, Charleston, SC 9/13/2012
IFB No. 4684-13D; Charleston County Detention Center Building Concrete Overlay Carolina Professional Builders, Inc., Isle of Palms, SC  



RFP No. 4590-12K; ShoreTel Service Provider CNP Technologies, LLC, Charlotte, NC  



RFQ NO. 4667-12C; Provide Professional Design/Consultant Engineering Services for the Charleston County Transportation Committee Related Project Short Listed:

1. Davis & Floyd

2. Stantec

3. Thomas and Hutton

IFB No. 4673-12C; CTC FY 2012 Resurfacing Project Banks Construction Company

North Charleston, SC

IFB No. 4677-12J; Provide Waste Tire Transportation and Processing for the Charleston County Environmental Management Department Charles View Transport, Inc. Moncks Corner, SC  



IFB No. 4657-12J; Purchase of One (1) Triple Combination Pumper for Charleston County Awendaw Fire Department Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus, Roebuck, SC 7/27/2012
IFB No. 4676-12J; Purchase of One (1) Heavy Duty, 4-Wheeled Landfill Compactor Flint Equipment Company, Ladson, SC 7/27/2012
IFB No. 4666-12C; West Boundary Street Allston Farrell Construction, Mt. Pleasant, SC 7/5/2012
IFB No. 4659-12W; Employee Assistance Program for Charleston County Employees Save, Inc., North Charleston, SC 6/27/2012
IFB No. 4661-12C; Dorchester Road at W. Hill Boulevard Intersection Improvement Gulf Stream Construction Company, Inc., North Charleston, SC 6/27/2012
IFB No. 4664-12C; TST 2012 Resurfacing Project Sanders Brothers Construction Company, Inc., North Charleston, SC 6/27/2012
IFB No. 4647-12C; Rivers Avenue at Northwoods Sidewalk Improvement AOS Specialty Contractors, Inc. Lexington, SC 6/18/2012
IFB No. 4663-12J; Purchase & Installation of One (1) Rotary Model SM18, 4-Post, 18,000 lb Capacity Vehicle Lift and One (1) Rotary Model SM30-S, 4-Post 30,000 lb Capacity Vehicle Lift NAPA Auto Supply & Equipment, Charleston, SC 6/5/2012
IFB No. 4651-12J; Provide Leachate Hauling Services 3R of Charleston, Inc., Goose Creek, SC 6/5/2012
IFB No. 4647-12C; Rivers Avenue at Northwoods Sidewalk Improvements Project AOS Specialty Contractors, Inc., Lexington, SC 5/25/2012
RFP No. 4520-12K; Station Alerting System US Digital Design, Tempe, AZ 5/21/2012
IFB No. 4653-12W; Purchase of 2,008 of Macadam Base Stone and 600 Tons of #57 Stone Delivered to various Maintenance Facilities Smalley Trucking Company, Inc., Folly Beach, SC 4/27/2012


IFB No. 4656-12J; Purchase of Oversized Crush Concrete Delivered to Bees Ferry Landfill Sanders Brothers Construction Company, Inc., North Charleston, SC 4/10/2012
IFB No. 4646-12J; Provide Tire Repair Services on an As-Needed Basis for the Charleston County Fleet Operations Williams Tire & Auto, North Charleston, SC 4/10/2012
IFB NO. 4639-12W; Aerial Mosquito Control Spraying as needed Williamsburg Air Service, Inc., Kingstree, SC 3/15/2012


IFB NO. 4631-12J; Repairs of Existing Containers for Charleston County Environmental Management Container Services Unlimited, Inc., Lexington, SC 3/13/2012
IFB NO. 4629-12C; Phillips Community Sidewalk and Drainage Improvement Project First Construction Management, LLC, Hanahan, SC 3/9/2012
IFB NO. 4628-12C; Grimball Road Sidewalk & Drainage Improvements Phase II Green Construction of Summerville, Inc., Summerville, SC 3/9/2012
IFB NO. 4595-12C; US17 Turn Lane at Buckhorn Road Truluck Construction Company, Charleston, SC 3/9/2012
IFB NO. 4632-12C; Legareville Drainage Improvement Project Allston Farrell Construction, Mt. Pleasant, SC 3/9/2012
IFB NO. 4521-12W; Provide Contracted Security Officer Services for Charleston County Government Allegiance Security Group, Tampa, FL 3/9/2012
RFP NO. 4536-12W; Provide a Structural and Compensation System Study for Charleston County Evergreen Solutions, LLC, Tallahassee, FL 3/9/2012
IFB NO. 4617-12C; Dorchester Rd. at Michaux Parkway Intersection Improvements Truluck Construction Company, Charleston, SC 3/8/2012
IFB NO. 4527-12C; New Road Project Island Construction Company, North Charleston, SC 3/8/2012
IFB NO. 4600-12C; McClellanville Drainage, Parking, and Pavement Marking Improvement Project Green Wave Contracting, Inc. Hemingway, SC 3/8/2012
IFB NO. 4598-12C; 10th Street East and 4th Street West Drainage Improvements B&C Utilities, Johns Island, SC 3/8/2012

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