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Business Recycling


Local governments are mandated by the state of South Carolina to reduce landfill waste disposal. Join the Charleston County Environmental Management Department with its plans to meet County Council's 40% recycling goal. Your company or organization can play a vital role in helping to extend the life of our landfills, conserve our natural resources and ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

Recycling Pickup Schedule for Businesses

The County provides business recycling collection once a week. If you are currently receiving recycling service through Charleston County, please click here to view a collection schedule. If you would like to inquire about receiving recycling service, please call (843) 720-7111.

View Schedule

What's Recyclable at Work?

Recyclable materials listed below can be combined together into recycling roll carts; you can recycle at work just like you do at home.

Glass bottles and jars
Plastics #1-7 (water bottles, soda bottles, plastic cups, etc.)
Steel Cans

All Paper:
Corrugated cardboard (please flatten)
Paperboard (cereal boxes, soda boxes)
Office Paper
Mixed Paper
File Folders
Junk mail & envelopes
Shredded paper (please bag)
Scrap paper & sticky notes

What is the Business Recycling Program?

Charleston County's current Business Recycling Program offers a basic level of service supported by the County's Solid Waste User Fee. The program offers up to three 95-gallon recycling roll carts, which are serviced once a week. Your service day is dependent on your location. Many businesses are located along our service routes and can sign up to participate by contacting Charleston County at (843)720-7111.

  • Convenience Centers and Drop Site Locations
    For some businesses, taking recyclables to one of the over 30 recycling drop sites located throughout Charleston County is easier. Click here to find the convenience center or drop site closest to your business.
  • Self-hauling large quantities of materials to the County's Recycling Center If your business is in close proximity to Charleston County's Recycling Center, you are welcome to drop off your recycling as often as needed. .
  • Private Recycling Hauling Service
    Sometimes the savings is so significant that a business can warrant paying a private hauler to provide recycling service. There are several private recycling haulers in Charleston County that collect recyclables for a fee..
  • Commercial Food Resource Management Program
    Additionally, Charleston County's Commercial Food Waste Composting Program gives local businesses the opportunity to reduce their overall disposal costs and impact on the environment by contracting for collection and negotiating fees with collectors (haulers or truckers) to divert this material from the waste stream to Charleston County's Bees Ferry Compost Facility. Click here for more information.

Why Recycle?

Waste generated from commercial businesses accounts for more than 60% of the total municipal solid waste in Charleston County. A waste audit, conducted in 2010, showed that approximately 70% of commercial solid waste in Charleston County is recyclable material, predominantly paper. Each person in South Carolina throws away on average 4.5 pounds of trash per day, most of which goes to solid waste landfills. Recycling at your commercial business allows you to do your part to support Charleston County Council's 40% countywide recycling goal.

Benefits of recycling:

  • Cuts waste and disposal fees (see “How Recycling Can Reduce Your User Fee” below)
  • Enhances your company's public image
  • Protects and preserves valuable landfill space
  • Prevents pollution from the use of natural resources
  • Saves energy
  • Allows you to advertise your green efforts to customers!
  • Helps meet your business sustainability goals
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change
  • Helps create new jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries in the U.S.

How Do I Get Started?

Charleston County can help your business determine the best way to recycle based on your needs. To start recycling at your business, please contact Environmental Management at (843)720-7111. Staff is available to conduct an on-site waste assessment, answer questions, make recommendations and provide educational materials.

How Recycling Can Reduce Your User Fee

Your business can reduce the user fee charged by Charleston County's Revenue Collections Department by participating in the County's Business Recycling Program. Revenue Collections currently charges businesses $172 per cubic yard of garbage service.

For example, an 8-cubic-yard garbage dumpster at a business serviced once per week has a user fee charge of $1,376 per year. Reducing the size of the container by taking advantage of Charleston County's Business Recycling and Food Waste Composting programs could reduce the amount of the business's user fee bill. Reducing the dumpster by 2 cubic yards to a 6-cubic-yard dumpster and by diverting recyclables and food waste could save a business $344 in yearly user fee charges (less any food waste collection costs).

Recycling is not only good for the environment; it's good for your business's bottom line.


Helpful Links

How Does a Business Recycle Electronics & Hazardous Materials?

The Charleston County Environmental Management Department cannot accept electronics and hazardous materials from businesses because the recycling program is mandated for residential properties only. Businesses can call private hauling companies that recycle electronics and/or hazardous materials to help recycle electronics in bulk. Call the Environmental Management Department at (843)720-7111 for more information.

Click here for information regarding electronic waste recycling
Click here for information regarding CFL recycling

For information on how to recycle items not accepted in Charleston County’s Business Recycling Program, such as corks or wooden pallets, please visit DHEC’s Green Resource Index.

How Does a Business Recycle Construction & Demolition Materials?

The Charleston County Environmental Management Department cannot accept construction materials from businesses. There are a number of other construction and landfill locations in the area available for businesses to drop off these materials. Call the location in advance to find out if there are any stipulations.

Barr Construction and Recycling
2371 Rifle Range Road
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Berkeley County Landfill
2277 Hwy. 52
Moncks Corner, SC 29461
(843)761-1782 (Convenience Site)
(843)761-8817 (Solid Waste Building)

Carolina Landfill
355 Harrison Road
Dorchester, SC 29437

Carolina Processing & Recycling LLC
4285 Pace Street
North Charleston, SC 29405

Oakridge Landfill
2183 Hwy 78
Dorchester, SC 29437

Spring Grove Landfill
6810 Collins Rd.
North Charleston, SC 29420

W. Fraizer Construction
7050 Moberry Road
Ravenel, SC 29470

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control would like to know about businesses that recycle.

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control's online reporting system, Re-TRAC Connect, is a free, confidential service that allows organizations to submit recycling data to the agency in an effort to accurately measure the amount of material being recycled.

Click here for more information about the state's Re-TRAC Connect program.


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