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Hazard Mitigation Plan’s High Score Contributes To $9.8 Million Savings on Flood Insurance Premiums

Charleston County News Release



Name:   Tracey A. Amick, Charleston County Government

Phone: (843) 696-1199

Email:   tamick@charlestoncounty.org


Release Number: 3326

Date: August 17, 2011



Updated Hazard Mitigation Plan Now Available:


View the 2011-2012 Charleston County Hazard Mitigation Plan: http://charlestoncounty.org/Departments/BuildingInspections/HazardPlan/HazPlan.htm


Hazard Mitigation Plan’s High Score Contributes To $9.8 Million Savings on Flood Insurance Premiums



The Charleston Regional Hazard Mitigation Project Committee announced it has updated and finalized the 2011-2012 Charleston Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan has the third highest scoring in the U.S. under the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System (CRS) program, which scores communities on an insurance rating schedule and provides flood insurance premium discounts to residents based on this scoring.


Due to the plan’s high score and other CRS activities performed by local governments, 68,000 flood insurance policies throughout Charleston County are discounted by over $9.8 million per year. It is the most frequently adopted high scoring plan in the U.S. 


 “Our hazard mitigation plan is unique in that 30 government entities within Charleston County have adopted it and have agreed to work together to make our community better able to withstand floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other types of hazardous events that we can experience.  The plan also keeps all local governments within the County eligible for multiple pre- and post-event financial assistance progams” said Carl Simmons, Director of Charleston County Building Inspection Services. 


The plan is necessary for local government entities within Charleston County to be eligible for several pre- and post-hazard event sources of federal funding. It was originally developed and adopted in 1999, and has been updated each year since to keep it current with federal requirements.


This year, the plan has been updated to include hazardous events such as floods, tornadoes and hazardous material situations that occurred between June 2010 and May 2011. Revisions were also made to the Hazard Assessment and Possible Activities sections of the plan, and to committee member lists due to personnel changes. Government entities that have adopted the plan prepared status reports and action plans for 2011-2012 to be included in the plan.


Charleston County Government coordinates the committee that updates this plan, which has membership from all local government entities in Charleston County, including municipalities and special purpose districts, as well as numerous other representatives from private, public and non-profit sectors.


The following entities within Charleston County have adopted the Charleston Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan:



A copy of the 2011 – 2012 Charleston Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan, including the status reports, is available on the Charleston County website and at the Charleston County Building Inspections Department in the Lonnie Hamilton, III Public Services Building located at 4045 Bridge View Drive, Room A-311, in North Charleston.


For more information about the plan, contact the Charleston County Building Inspection Services Department at (843) 202-6940.

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