Having problems viewing image documents? Try the following:

1. Completely turn off pop-up blockers (Internet Explorer, Yahoo, Google tool bar etc if any on your computer). http://www.hotcomm.com/FAQ/FAQ_popups.asp#google 
Add "imgweb.charlestoncounty.org" to the list of "Allowed Websites" for pop-up blocker of your Internet Explorer browser.
3. Press and hold the CTRL key while clicking a link every time. This will override pop-up blocker for that particular click.


The HTML is the default viewer which offers basic search, view and print features only.


To use the enhanced features of the ActiveX Controls such as column list, sorting, zoom print, save to file, etc, the ActiveX file must be installed. It should be automatic but if it fails to load please follow these instructions.


The ActiveX viewing capabilities in latest version of Charleston County’s Imaging System is supported only on Internet Explorer 9 and its higher versions (with minimal changes to your IE settings). However, the HTML viewer is supported in all versions of Internet Explorer (9 or higher).


To make the ActiveX viewing capabilities function correctly in the latest version of County’s Imaging System for IE, you need to make the following changes to IE Settings.


Step1: Adding “imgweb.charlestoncounty.org” to your IE trusted sites.









Step 2: Change Security Level of Trusted Site.






NOTE: This change would make the security level to Low only for the trusted sites.  Security level will continue at the same level as configured for all the sites in Internet Zone. This change will not reduce the security of your computer.


You should now be able to open up IE and be able to search our Imaging System with the ActiveX controls.